Military Fantasy: The Top 5 Books and Series of All Time

Military Fantasy is, in many ways, the medieval equivalent of modern warfare. The sword-carrying warriors are the counterparts of today’s infantrymen, magic users represent advanced weapons systems like missile launchers and explosive ordinance, and mythical beasts serve as the tanks, transports, and aircraft. Each of the recommendations below provides superior fantasy entertainment, but for discerning fans

The 8 Best Fantasy Audiobooks of All Time

Evaluating the best fantasy audiobooks is a COMPLETELY different process than ranking their in-print counterparts because the listening experience is completely different from the reading experience. For Example: have you ever been listening to an audiobook and suddenly realized you didn’t catch a single word in the last five minutes because you were thinking about something

Top STANDALONE Fantasy Novels

We love epic fantasy series, but sometimes 8 books and 5000 pages feel like more than we are ready to tackle.  When you’re needing a great fantasy story you can enjoy over a long weekend, check out one of these amazing works!   Best Modern Standalone Fantasy American Gods Neil Gaiman Gaiman may be the

Top 7 COMPLETED Fantasy Book Series

Tired of waiting years (or decades) to find out how the story ends?  Even worse, have you ever been forced to wait so long between books in a series that you almost completely forgot the characters and plotlines?  We certainly have. For our readers who prefer fantasy series they can read from beginning to end

Best Fantasy Book for July 2016

Waiting a long time for a prequel sounds oxymoronic, but that’s exactly what we’ve been doing with this series. Title: Age of Myth Series: Legends of the First Empire #1 Author: Michael J. Sullivan Publication Date: June 28 The journey of Royce and Hadrian through the Riyria Revelations series left me begging for more detail

Best Fantasy Book for April 2016

April brings two background / origin stories we’ve been hoping to read for a LONG time. Title: Sharp Ends Author: Joe Abercrombie Series: World of the First Law Release Date: April 26 Sharp Ends is a collection of 13 short stories set in the world of The First Law, ranging from 10 years before the events

The Best Fantasy Book for March 2016

This final installment in Staveley’s trilogy delivers an absolutely epic finale to one of our favorite new fantasy series! Title: The Last Mortal Bond Series: Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne #3 Author: Brian Staveley The gods have returned.  The hiding, plotting, immortal Csestriim have been revealed.  Humanity prepares for war. The Chronicle of the Unhewn

The 5 Best Grimdark Fantasy Series

What is Grimdark Fantasy?  We often see Grimdark defined as “gritty”, “violent”, or “immoral” fantasy.  While those descriptors are often accurate, to us Grimdark is more specifically Fantasy that features realistic leading characters who behave less like Arthurian knights and more like regular people, often placing their own interests above all else. Here are five series

Best Fantasy Book for February 2016

TITLE: A Gathering of Shadows Series: A Darker Shade of Magic #2 Author: V.E. Schwab A Gathering of Shadows is the second release in V.E. Schwab’s (amazing) crossover fantasy series, A Darker Shade of Magic, with the concluding book scheduled for publication in 2017. Shadows throws fans right back into the action with one of the most

Best Fantasy Book for January 2016

Any book written cleverly enough to capture my interest and make me laugh aloud on the first page is sure to be a winner, and this one keeps getting better and better with each page! City of Blades Author: Robert Jackson Bennett Series: Divine Cities #2 City of Blades is the follow-up to Robert Jackson Bennett’s