Poll Results: The Top 200 Fantasy Characters of All Time

Top 200 Fantasy Characters


With over 21,000 votes cast, representing 359 characters from 136 of the top fantasy book series, we have a decisive winner for the Best Fantasy Character of All Time!

But first, an overview of the poll methodology and results:

Bronze Merlin Award StatueThe Nomination Process

Character nominations were made by visitors to our site.  Top Sources for nominations:

Nominated characters were requested to be Point of View (POV) protagonists only, but some leeway was permitted for characters whose classification as a protagonist was debatable.

Nominations were closed on 9/17, at which point 359 unique nominations had been received.

  • After 5,000 total votes were placed, any characters with only 1 vote were removed from the list.
  • After 10,000 total votes were placed, the list was reduced to the Top 200.
  • After 20,000 total votes were placed, polling was closed (technically 21,542 votes).


And The Winner Is…..


Paul Kidby - Death

Artwork copyright Paul Kidby
All rights reserved.

Death (1023 Votes)

Series: Discworld
Author: Terry Pratchett
First Appearance: The Color of Magic

Our Favorite Quotation (Note: Death’s voice is always represented in SMALL CAPS with no quotation marks since Death does not actually “speak”):

WHO KNOWS WHAT EVIL LURKS IN THE HEART OF MEN? The Death of Rats looked up from the feast of the potato. SQUEAK, he said. Death waved a hand dismissively. WELL, YES, OBVIOUSLY ME, he said. I JUST WONDERED IF THERE WAS ANYONE ELSE.

Death’s gigantic 303-vote margin of victory over the second-place finisher represented enough votes to potentially put a character in 19th Place overall!  Death’s win (combined with the fact that THE 3 TOP SPOTS were all characters from Discworld) may be the strongest endorsement for a Fantasy book series we have ever seen.


NameSeries / BookVotes
Tyrion Lannister A Song of Ice and Fire651
Allanon Shannara633
Gandalf Lord of the Rings573
Kvothe Kingkiller Chronicles566
Jorg Ancrath Broken Empire566
Karigan G'ladheon Green Rider Series556
Harry Dresden Dresden Files551
Aragorn Lord of the Rings521
Granny Weatherwax Discworld520
FitzChivalry Farseer Farseer Trilogy472
Mat Cauthon Wheel of Time425
Arya Stark A Song of Ice and Fire420
Sam Vimes Discworld408
Drizzt Do'Urden Dark Elf Trilogy407
Kaladin Stormblessed Stormlight Archive343
Locke Lamora Gentleman Bastards338
Phedre Kushiel's Legacy318
Harry Potter Harry Potter300
Rand al'Thor Wheel of Time294
Logen Ninefingers First Law273
Hermione Granger Harry Potter272
Jon Snow A Song of Ice and Fire256
Havelock Vetinari Discworld227
Belgarath Belgariad225
Jacob "Jake" Valance Spinward Fringe223
Sand dan Glokta First Law220
Samwise Gamgee Lord of the Rings215
Fool Farseer Trilogy214
Rincewind Discworld209
Seregil Nightrunner206
Bilbo Baggins Hobbit 185
Raistlin Majere Dragonlance173
Tiffany Aching Discworld169
Vin Mistborn166
Richard Rahl Sword of Truth165
Geralt of Rivia Witcher162
Walker Boh Shannara160
Anomander Rake Malazan Book of the Fallen160
Pug Riftwar Saga159
Alanna of Trebond Song of the Lioness154
Daenerys Targaryen A Song of Ice and Fire143
Roland Deschain Dark Tower139
Fiddler Malazan Book of the Fallen136
Silk / Prince Kheldar Belgariad126
Carrot Ironfoundersson Discworld126
Alice Valent Spinward Fringe124
Kelsier Mistborn123
Karsa Orlong Malazan Book of the Fallen121
Jalan Kendeth Red Queen's War119
Polgara Belgariad119
Tehol/Bugg Malazan Book of the Fallen119
Jaime Lannister A Song of Ice and Fire119
Garet Jax Shannara118
Elric of Melnibone Elric of Melnibone Series117
Kahlan Amnell Sword of Truth109
Conan of CimmeriaConan of Cimmeria109
Quick Ben Malazan Book of the Fallen106
Legolas Lord of the Rings94
Druss the Legend Drenai Series89
Thomas Covenant Chronicles of Thomas Covenant87
Vanyel Ashkevron Last Herald-Mage85
Garion Belgariad83
Lan Mandragoran Wheel of Time82
Moist von Lipwig Discworld81
Durzo Blint Night Angel78
Ged Earthsea Cycle74
Arlen Bales Demon Cycle72
Amberele Elessedil Shannara71
Kylar Stern Night Angel71
Frodo Baggins Lord of The Rings70
Perrin Aybara Wheel of Time70
Nynaeve al'Meara Wheel of Time68
Lyra Belacqua His Dark Materals67
Corwin Chronicles of Amber66
Dalinar Kholin Stormlight Archive65
Croaker Chronicles of the Black Company64
Elodin Kingkiller Chronicle64
Sazed Mistborn61
Daemon SaDiablo Black Jewels61
Eddard Stark A Song of Ice and Fire61
Sabriel Old Kingdom Trilogy60
Celaena Sardothien Throne of Glass60
Jimmy The Hand Legends of the Riftwar59
Stannis Baratheon A Song of Ice and Fire59
Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander Sword of truth59
Tasselhoff Burrfoot Dragonlance57
Percy Jackson Percy Jackson and the Olympians56
Sophie Hatter Howl's Moving Castle56
Caine Acts of Caine53
Egwene al'Vere Wheel of Time52
Moiraine Damodred Wheel of Time52
Whiskeyjack Malazan Book of the Fallen52
Sparhawk Elenium52
Lessa Dragonriders of Pern50
Auri Kingkiller Chronicle50
Gavin Guile Lightbringer47
Jarlaxle Baenre Dark Elf Trilogy46
Tavi Codex Alera46
Artemis Entreri Icewind Dale Trilogy45
Vlad Taltos Vlad Taltos Series45
Sansa Stark A Song of Ice and Fire43
Shallan Davar Stormlight Archive42
Menolly Dragonriders of Pern42
Nysander Nightrunner Series41
Mara of the Acoma Empire Trilogy40
Joscelin Verreuil Kushiel's Legacy40
Vaelin al Sorna Raven's Shadow40
Shea Ohmsford Shannara38
Althea Vestrit Liveship Traders38
Menion Leah Shannara37
Arutha ConDoin Riftwar Saga36
Robinton Dragonriders of Pern36
Severian Book of the New Sun35
Katsa Graceling34
Imriel de la Courcel Kushiel's Legacy34
Jaenelle Black Jewels32
Haplo Death Gate Cycle31
Akkarin Black Magician Trilogy31
Paksenarrion Dorthansdotter Deed of Paksenarrion31
Melisande Shahrizai Kushiel's Legacy30
Bee Farseer Fitz and The Fool29
Saltheart Foamfollower Chronicles of Thomas Covenant29
Alberich Heralds of Valdemar28
Icarium Malazan Book of the Fallen27
Wil Ohmsford Shannara27
Rhapsody Symphony of Ages27
Tamír í Ariani Gherilain Tamír Triad27
Gerald Tarrant Coldfire Trilogy27
Adolin Kholin Stormlight Archive26
Yelena Study Series26
Thorin Oakenshield Hobbit26
Jasnah Kholin Stormlight Archive26
William Laurence Temeraire25
Ruth Dragonriders of Pern25
Ammar ibn Khairan Lions of Al-Rassan24
Taran Chronicles of Prydain24
Wren Elessedil Shannara24
Royce Melborn Riyria Revelations23
Waylander the Slayer Drenai Series23
Tanis Half-Elven Dragonlance23
F'lar Dragons of Pern23
Kip Guile Lightbringer22
Braylar Killcoin Bloodsounder's Arc22
Nysta Nysta Series22
Nest Freemark Shannara21
Tamas Powder Mage21
Theon Greyjoy A Song of Ice and Fire21
Bremen Shannara20
Julianna Taraen Tears of Rage20
Arithon Wars of Light and Shadow20
Alexia Tarrabotti Parasol Protectorate19
Bruenor Battlehammer Icewind Dale18
Taniel Powder Mage18
Min Farshaw Wheel of Time18
Seoman Snowlock Memory, Sorrow & Thorn18
Hadrian Blackwater Riyria chronicles18
Dakeyras/Waylander Drenai Saga17
Trull Sengar Malazan Book of the Fallen17
Rue Meridian Shannara16
Cnaiür urs Skiötha Prince of Nothing16
Zorian Kazinski Mother of Learning16
Ringil Eskiath A Land Fit for Heroes16
Quickening Shannara16
Túrin Turambar Children of Húrin16
Cadderly Bonaduce Cleric Quintet15
Achmed the Snake Symphony of Ages15
Brom Holcombsson Inheritance Cycle15
Eilonwy Chronicles of Prydain15
Valek Study & Soulfinders Series14
Cazaril Curse of Chalion14
Malta Vestrit Liveship Traders14
Adamat Powder Mage14
Skilgannon Drenai13
Steerpike Gormenghast12
Jill Deverry Cycle12
Amber Liveship Traders12
Red Knight Traitor Son Cycle12
Gotrek Gurnisson Warhammer12
Kettricken Farseer Trilogy12
Monza Murcatto Best Served Cold11
John Taylor Nightside11
Ysandre de la Courcel Kushiel's Legacy11
Jon Shannow Jon Shannow11
Cugel the Clever Dying Earth11
Alessan bar Valentin Tigana11
Catherine "Cat" Hassi Barahal Spiritwalker Trilogy10
Earl Harbinger Monster Hunter International10
Warden Low Town10
Dorian Hawkmoon Eternal Champion Series9
Mhoram Chronicles of Thomas Covenant9
Yarvi Shattered Sea8
Amara Codex Alera8
Siuan Sanche Wheel of Time8
Winter Ihernglass Shadow Campaigns7
Moirin Moirin's Trilogy7
Thorn Shattered Sea7
Brashen Trell Liveship Traders7
Jezal dan Luthar First Law7
Gath of Baal Death Dealer7

 Thank you or reading, and special thanks to everyone who voted!  If there are any other polls you’d like to see let us know using the Contact page.


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  1. Saumya

    Kvothe! yes! Kvothe! Didn’t really expect to him to find him there..but hoped like hell! The list is perfect! 😀

  2. So many characters here that I love – I’d have been hard pressed to choose one but very glad Granny Weatherwax is right up there

  3. Mia

    I’d agree with most of this list, but I wish that Gavin Guile and Durzo Blint (or Kylar Stern) should be higher. Brent Weeks ability to create amazing characters in fantasy is absolutely incredible.

  4. Andy Cochrane

    No-one nominated Nighteyes from the Farseer trilogy.
    I loved Fitz and The Fool but Nighteyes stole my heart

  5. Chandlej

    Karigan G’ladheon really surprises me, but I’m very glad to see her. She really is a great character.

  6. Iris Caldor

    Are you kidding me? Rhapsody made the cut, but not Achmed the Snake, who (along with Grunthor) basically carries the whole series in terms of likeable characters?

    No wonder she’s rated so low.

  7. Murray Writtle

    Where are Richard St. Vere and Alec Campion from Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner? Where are D’artagnan, Aramis, Athos and Porthos?

  8. Erin

    Sure would love to see the authors listed with these!! It would make it easier for those of us who haven’t read some of these series to FIND them to read.

    Also, no love for Piers Anthony or Robert Asprin, or did I miss them?

  9. Zia

    Wow…shocked at the results. A lot of really top quality characters didn’t get the votes I expected, and at least one has wayyyy too much credit – I’m sorry but Karigan G’ladheon is not that great of a character.

    Would have preferred to see some Michelle West and Michelle Sagara characters, but those series seem to be completely overlooked.

  10. Marijane Gwaltney

    Everyone who commented ‘this’ one or ‘that’ one should be somewhere else on the list, or not on it, or should be on it and wasn’t: THE LIST WAS VOTED ON! If some character wasn’t where YOU wanted it, well, that’s too bad. The people conducting the poll just compiled the votes, and it came out the way it came out.

  11. Frank Vecchio

    Stannis the Mannis should be number one. He is King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, the First Men, and your mother. Stannis 20126: Bend the knee or be destroyed. No one expected the Stannis Inquisition.

  12. Ivan

    Glad to see Cazaril there. Shame I didn’t read most of the works listed. Translation to my language tends to be selective and slow. I think I’ll just start buying english versions online.

  13. Alric

    Can’t believe Siuan Sanche made the list, should be better classified though, she’s awesome. And if Min Farshaw is on the list, so should Cadsuane Melaidhrin.

  14. Maharshi Dixit

    I am sad seoman snowlock was so low. I think he will get a lot more votes (due to the last King of osten ard). Well I don’t exactly know that he will feature in there. But am really very excited!!! Great polls…

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