Author: Raymond FeistCover - Magician Apprentice

First Book: Magician

Sample Chapter: Not available

Back Blurb:

At Crydee, a frontier outpost in the tranquil Kingdom of the Isles, an orphan boy, Pug, is apprenticed to a master magician – and the destinies of two worlds are changed forever. Suddenly the peace of the Kingdom is destroyed as mysterious alien invaders swarm through the land. Pug is swept up into conflict but for him and his warrior friend, Tomas, an Odyssey into the unknown has only just begun. Pug’s destiny is to lead him through a rift in the fabric of space and time to the mastery of the unimaginable powers of a strange new magic …

HQ’s Take:

The Riftwar Saga follows a fairly typical Fantasy story arc: a young, downtrodden individual is eventually called upon to do great things. Frankly speaking, look at how many of these top 15 follow that same general line. Want to know why? Because when the story is well crafted with compelling characters it makes for excellent entertainment, and the Riftward Saga is very well done.