Military Fantasy: The Top 5 Books and Series of All Time

Military Fantasy is, in many ways, the medieval equivalent of modern warfare. The sword-carrying warriors are the counterparts of today’s infantrymen, magic users represent advanced weapons systems like missile launchers and explosive ordinance, and mythical beasts serve as the tanks, transports, and aircraft. Each of the recommendations below provides superior fantasy entertainment, but for discerning fans

Best Fantasy Book for September 2015

As rabid fans of author Jim Butcher, when The Cinder Spires series was first announced feelings here at Best Fantasy Books HQ were mixed.  Our first response was an immediate (and excessively exuberant) pro-Jim-Butcher chant that would make even SNL’s Spartan Spirit cheer-team proud.  Our second thought, however, was to wonder if this would just be

Top STANDALONE Fantasy Novels

We love epic fantasy series, but sometimes 8 books and 5000 pages feel like more than we are ready to tackle.  When you’re needing a great fantasy story you can enjoy over a long weekend, check out one of these amazing works!   Best Modern Standalone Fantasy American Gods Neil Gaiman Gaiman may be the

Best Fantasy Book for July 2015

It felt like we had to wait forever for this one, but that’s just because we were so excited! Title: Queen of Fire (Raven’s Shadow #3) Author: Anthony Ryan Release Date: 7/7/2015 (US) Queen of Fire is the hotly anticipated conclusion to one of our Top-10 Fantasy Series, Raven’s Shadow, and for the last year I