The Most Powerful Characters in Fantasy Fiction

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There may be nothing more enthralling in Fantasy Fiction than characters with mind-numbingly powerful abilities at their disposal, so by popular demand we have created HQ’s list of Fantasy Fiction’s most powerful characters.  The beings below are not simply at the top echelon of power in their worlds, these are the most powerful characters of all time across all fantasy.

To make the list, characters are required to meet the following 2 criteria:

  1. Must play an active, major role in the series (no voiceless powers from afar)
  2. Must have enough power to easily destroy, let’s say……an entire city…….with just one shot (entire continent preferred)

In all honesty, we attempted to rank them in order of power, but the conversations became so heated we ultimately decided to list them in random order and let you be the judge.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!


Lord Anomander RakeClick to Enlarge

Anomander Rake, the Son of Darkness (and leader of the Tiste Andii) differs from many Uber-powerful characters in two ways.  Firstly, Anomander not only commands god-like sorcerous powers, he also carries and uses what is debatably the most powerful sword in the world, called Dragnipur.  Also, unlike most of the other names on the list we get to see Rake at near full-power the very first time he is introduced….and single-handedly laying waste to entire regiments of an opposing army.

Did we mention Rake took Dragnipur from a god, then used it against him?
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Pug of Crydee (Milamber)Click to Enlarge

  • First Appearance: Magician: Apprentice 
  • Series: The Riftwar Saga
  • Author: Raymond Feist

Our journey with Pug follows a more traditional coming-of-age path, slowly transforming Pug from a poor orphan boy into the most powerful magician in the world.  Moreover, readers get to watch Pug’s best friend (Tomas) follow a completely different path to gain powers rivalling (or debatably exceeding) Pug’s.  Though not as “gritty” as many of the popular series today, this is classic Fantasy at its best.
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Rand al ThorClick to Enlarge

  • First Appearance: The Eye of the World
  • Series: The Wheel of Time
  • Author: Robert Jordan / Brandon Sanderson

Of the series in this list, TWoT easily spends the most time developing the world’s magic system(s), along with a clear hierarchical structure of who is more powerful than who, and in what way.  Top of the list? The Dragon Reborn himself,  Rand al Thor.  From his ostensibly humble beginnings in a small village, Rand ultimately masters magic so powerful he can wipe his enemies from the fabric of existence, or potentially even destroy reality itself.  Top that.

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Mab, Winter’s QueenClick to Enlarge

  • First AppearanceSummer Knight (Book #4)
  • Series: The Dresden Files
  • Author: Jim Butcher

The Dresden Files is loaded with interesting and powerful characters, but what makes Harry Dresden’s world unique is the amazing way in which it seamlessly incorporates beings from all facets of lore into one cohesive story, including vampires, Norse gods, werewolves, angels, and faeries.  The immortal leader of all winter Fae and Queen of the Winter Court is Mab: cool, beautiful and nearly incomprehensibly powerful.  Mab is one of the most complex characters in Fantasy, appearing to be utterly merciless, yet somehow possessing a (deeply) hidden human side.

Best quote from Mab, commanding Harry:  “You may serve, wizard, or you may be served.  As a meal.”

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Think we missed one?  Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below, or reach us anytime using our Contact page!

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  1. Ron DelCastillus

    Good list, and these are all great series too — especially Dresden Files. I would add Aslan from Narnia, but he may be in the “powers from afar” category despite speaking sometimes in the books.

  2. GopherFan

    Cool Power Gauge! I wish every book had one on the cover so I’d know up front how much magic was in it!

  3. Bill

    Decent list but the most powerful character I have read is in the Acts of Caine series Ma’elKoth. Wizard with the power of a god who literally transforms into the mightiest of the gods and protector of his universe.

  4. Joe

    Tarrin Kael from the Firestaff series would be my choice as one of the most powerful characters. Cool series almost on same level to the Wheel of Time series. Farm boy becomes fighter, were, wizard, druid, cleric, psionic, avatar, god, universe protector… doesn’t get much stronger than that…

  5. Anomander Rake

    Icarium and the Jhag tyrant are both more powerful than Rake, objectively…

  6. Bart Page

    Haha! Thank you for visiting our site, Mr. Rake! The Tiste Andii are always welcome here at BFB HQ….

  7. Entreri

    Rand is my pick, above the rest mentioned, including Icarium.

    Never read or heard of the Acts of Caine though, so can’t comment.

    Raistlin could be argued vs. Rand, given he became the most powerful God and destroyed all the other deities with incredible ease. Raistlin learned his folly and reversed though.

  8. Asmodean

    Rand is also what i would consider the most powerful and with such an huge series of books on him he is also personalized so well you could pretty much create him without adding any unnamed charecteristic.

  9. randalthor17

    rand undoubtedly….as he can alter the very fabric of reality itself..

  10. mistyred

    Also Jaenelle Angelline from the Black Jewels series by Anne Bishop. She was basically power incarnate, and considering all that happened to her, it was surprising how much empathy and restraint she truly had when she released it.

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