Top 5 Fantasy Series for Teens

Epic Fantasy series offer a broad range of reading experiences for teen readers, but which are right for you?  To help in the search, multiple large user polls were consolidated to rank the Top 5 fantasy series for teens, with each offering a completely different reading experience. Check out the details below, including summaries, sample

Fantasy Trends Infographic

Infographic: Fantasy Book Trends

When fans of fantasy fiction are asked to name their favorite book or series of all time, you’ll get lots of different answers.  But what do those answers have in common?  At Best Fantasy Books HQ we’ve combined multiple, large user polls to find out the current trends in fantasy, and with some surprising results!

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Current Top Ranked Best Fantasy Books in Series

Best Fantasy Books HQ consolidated thousands of individual reader votes for the best fantasy book or series to create the most comprehensive and balanced fan rankings list ever assembled. Look below to see which books the global community of Fantasy fans enjoy the most, or to see our personal favorites check out HQ’s Top-10 Must-Read Fantasy

Top Selling Fantasy Books

Best Selling Fantasy Series of All Time

Because a book sells lots of copies certainly does not prove it is a quality product. However, people typically don’t read the second or third book in a series if they didn’t like the first one. Success over time in a series could be considered a key indicator of gripping, “I have to find out