Best Fantasy Book for January 2016

Any book written cleverly enough to capture my interest and make me laugh aloud on the first page is sure to be a winner, and this one keeps getting better and better with each page! City of Blades Author: Robert Jackson Bennett Series: Divine Cities #2 City of Blades is the follow-up to Robert Jackson Bennett’s

The 8 Best Fantasy Audiobooks of All Time

Evaluating the best fantasy audiobooks is a COMPLETELY different process than ranking their in-print counterparts because the listening experience is completely different from the reading experience. For Example: have you ever been listening to an audiobook and suddenly realized you didn’t catch a single word in the last five minutes because you were thinking about something

Best Fantasy Book for December 2015

December is historically a slow month for Fantasy fans, but this December brings the television premier of one of our favorite book series! The Magicians Trilogy Book #1: The Magicians Author: Lev Grossman Publisher: Plume Television: Syfy Network The Magicians is often billed as “Harry Potter for Adults,” and while they are both series I love

Best Fantasy Book for November 2015

The Monthly Best is normally reserved for new releases, but the series I’m reading right now is so great I couldn’t wait until the 2016 release of Book #4 to talk about it! Series: The Faithful and the Fallen Book #1: Malice Author: John Gwynne I picked up The Faithful and the Fallen after receiving multiple

Best Fantasy Book for October 2015

We will never understand how Brandon Sanderson publishes so many good books in such a short period of time, but once again he’s managed to maintain the same unbelievably high standard for quality with a new chapter in the Mistborn saga we think is even better than its predecessor, The Alloy of Law (Mistborn #4). Title:

Best Fantasy Book for September 2015

As rabid fans of author Jim Butcher, when The Cinder Spires series was first announced feelings here at Best Fantasy Books HQ were mixed.  Our first response was an immediate (and excessively exuberant) pro-Jim-Butcher chant that would make even SNL’s Spartan Spirit cheer-team proud.  Our second thought, however, was to wonder if this would just be

Top 5 Vampire Books and Series for Fantasy Fans

Many Fantasy fans love epic tales of immensely powerful vampires and the unbridled havoc they can unleash upon the mortal world. If that describes you too, you’ve come to the right place! If young-adult tales of vampire romance (like Twilight or The Vampire Diaries) are more your speed, this list is not for you.  Try here instead.