Best Fantasy Book for May 2015

We know this month’s book technically doesn’t hit shelves until June 2, but that’s ok because we’re re-reading book one in May!

The Liar’s Key (Red Queen’s War #2)

Author: Mark Lawrence

Click to EnlargeRelease Date: 6/2/2015

If you are a fan of the Broken Empire but have not yet read any of The Red Queen’s War series, stop now and buy book one, Prince of Fools.  We guarantee you will be completely hooked in just two pages.

For those who did follow the amazing journey of Prince Jalan and the bestial viking Snorri against the forces of the Dead King, if you’re like us you can’t wait to get your hands on The Liar’s Key.  With the interesting twist of magic near the ending events of Prince of Fools, the renewed potential for hilarity and debauchery is nearly endless.

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Back Blurb from the Publisher:

After harrowing adventure and near-death, Prince Jalan Kendeth and the Viking Snorri ver Snagason find themselves in possession of Loki’s Key, an artefact capable of opening any door, and sought by the most dangerous beings in the Broken Empire—including The Dead King.

Jal wants only to return home to his wine, women, and song, but Snorri has his own purpose for the key: to find the very door into death, throw it wide, and bring his family back into the land of the living.

And as Snorri prepares for his quest to find death’s door, Jal’s grandmother, the Red Queen continues to manipulate kings and pawns towards an endgame of her own design…


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  1. MandySand

    Can’t wait! I didn’t think there would be a better lead that Jorg, but Jalan is even better (and hilarious!).

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