How to Transition from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones

The two book series that have brought the most new fans to the world of Fantasy Fiction in the last 10 years are clearly Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.  These novels, however, are on completely opposite ends of the Fantasy spectrum.

To help fans transition from the charm of Hogwarts to the brutality of Westeros, we’ve created the following three book-series bridge to help fans slowly ease their way through!

Harry Potter to Game of Thrones Lesson

Series 1: Riftwar Saga

The Riftwar Saga is a wonderful coming of age story featuring an orphan boy who discovers he has the potential to become a powerful wizard (sound familiar?).  As we begin our transition to Game of Thrones, however, Riftwar features a Westeros-style medieval setting in an imaginary world.

Series 2: The Wheel of Time

From Riftwar, we move to The Wheel of Time, which offers a much more complex world of different kingdoms and cultures, including all of the political posturing that comes with them.  Wheel of Time also begins the transition to more adult-themed content.

Series 3: First Law

You’re almost there!  With First Law, readers will enter a harsh, gritty world with minimal magic content (similar to GoT’s Seven Kingdoms).  The main characters are a professional torturer, a homicidal maniac, and a narcissistic royal, each providing a perfect segue to characters like The Hound and Jaime Lannister.  The one key difference between First Law and Game of Thrones is a lack of sexual content, but after reading these books your journey will be complete.  Time to meet the Stark family!

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