Game of Thrones: PowerPoint Edition

I recently made the (huge) mistake of claiming I could do anything with Microsoft PowerPoint, and was subsequently challenged to create characters from A Game of Thrones with nothing but the stock shapes available in PowerPoint.   Here are the results…..hope you enjoy! If you like what you see, send a quick note using our Contact

The 7 Most Overrated Fantasy Books and Series

Ever wasted 10 hours of your life reading a bad book that had great reviews? Looking around the Web, we are shocked and amazed by several absolutely horrific Fantasy Books and Series that frequently appear on Fantasy “Top Lists”.  Here at HQ we have two lists that do not reflect our team’s opinions:  The Best

Top 5 Best FREE Fantasy Books

There are two types of free books in the world. The first type is books that never really found an audience, so the authors now give them away in the hope that someone will enjoy their labors of love. The second type, however, is where the gold can be found. These are typically the first

Top 5 Fantasy Series for Teens

Epic Fantasy series offer a broad range of reading experiences for teen readers, but which are right for you?  To help in the search, multiple large user polls were consolidated to rank the Top 5 fantasy series for teens, with each offering a completely different reading experience. Check out the details below, including summaries, sample