The Most EPIC Fantasy Book Series of All Time

If you’re looking for Fantasy works operating on the largest scale with the deepest and richest adventures, you’ve come to the right place! We view “Epic Fantasy” as a hybrid term describing literature combining high-fantasy tales of imaginary worlds with The Epics: long-form storytelling poems of great deeds and heroism, such as Homer’s Illiad and Odessy,

10 Best Coming-of-Age Fantasy Books

Coming of Age Fantasy, while often filled with the most common Fantasy cliches, is also often the most satisfying reading experience for fans of Fantasy fiction. Why is that? Let’s be frank: when doing a little escapist reading who doesn’t enjoy the story of a poor, misunderstood or bullied youth who grows up to become something

Military Fantasy: The Top 5 Books and Series of All Time

Military Fantasy is, in many ways, the medieval equivalent of modern warfare. The sword-carrying warriors are the counterparts of today’s infantrymen, magic users represent advanced weapons systems like missile launchers and explosive ordinance, and mythical beasts serve as the tanks, transports, and aircraft. Each of the recommendations below provides superior fantasy entertainment, but for discerning fans

The 5 Best Grimdark Fantasy Series

What is Grimdark Fantasy?  We often see Grimdark defined as “gritty”, “violent”, or “immoral” fantasy.  While those descriptors are often accurate, to us Grimdark is more specifically Fantasy that features realistic leading characters who behave less like Arthurian knights and more like regular people, often placing their own interests above all else. Here are five series

The 8 Best Fantasy Audiobooks of All Time

Evaluating the best fantasy audiobooks is a COMPLETELY different process than ranking their in-print counterparts because the listening experience is completely different from the reading experience. For Example: have you ever been listening to an audiobook and suddenly realized you didn’t catch a single word in the last five minutes because you were thinking about something

Top 5 Vampire Books and Series for Fantasy Fans

Many Fantasy fans love epic tales of immensely powerful vampires and the unbridled havoc they can unleash upon the mortal world. If that describes you too, you’ve come to the right place! If young-adult tales of vampire romance (like Twilight or The Vampire Diaries) are more your speed, this list is not for you.  Try here instead.