Best Fantasy Book for February 2017

It felt like it took much longer than a year for this one because we were so excited to read it! TITLE: A Conjuring of Light Series: A Darker Shades of Magic #3 Author: V.E. Schwab First Book: A Darker Shade of Magic A Conjuring of Light concludes V.E. Schwab’s (amazing) crossover fantasy series, Shades of

Best Fantasy Book for January 2017

This series redefines exciting (but intelligent) reading. Title: Labyrinth Author: J.P. Beaubien Series: Aeon Legion #1 There are lots of books with exciting adventures and powerful swords that can cut through anything.  There are also lots of books that tackle complex issues surrounding how “heroes” and “villains” are often defined by nothing more than personal perception.

Best Fantasy Book for December 2016

This may be the highest POV Character body-count of all time….. Title: Wrath Author: John Gwynne Series: The Faithful and the Fallen #4 First Book: Malice Status: Series Complete! Do you enjoy fantasy series with exciting endings full of twists, turns, and epic battles?  If so, The Faithful and the Fallen is for you, and

Best Fantasy Book for November 2016

The secrets revealed in this book make me want to immediately re-read all of the others to search for clues! Title: The Blood Mirror Author: Brent Weeks Series: Lightbringer #4 (5 total planned) First Book: The Black Prism The 4th installment of the Lightbringer Series keeps up the same high standard we expect from Brent Weeks, keeping

Best Fantasy Book for October 2016

This month welcomes a new Fantasy author that we predict will have a long and amazing career! Title: The Burning Isle Author: Will Panzo Series: Book #1, Series name TBD Grimdark at its core, The Burning Isle has the overall feel of Joe Abercrombie’s First Law series, combined (in a good way) with Mark Lawrence’s Broken

Best Fantasy Book for September 2016

How does one properly follow-up a Hugo Award award winning book? Title: The Obelisk Gate Author: N.K. Jemisin Series: The Broken Earth #2 The Fifth Season (Broken Earth Book #1) set a very high bar for this new series.  Does the sequel keep the pace? Here’s our analogy: Would you describe a Ferrari as slow? Probably

Best Fantasy Book for August 2016

A new Dark Fantasy novel from an incredibly talented writing duo. TITLE: The Knight Proper Release Date: 8/9/16 Authors: Adam Greven and Matt Deller Knights, zombies, necromancers…….family? While The Knight Proper contains every element fans of Dark Fantasy will love, what really sets this novel apart is the character complexity brought by our hero, Edwin. Having lost

Best Fantasy Book for July 2016

Waiting a long time for a prequel sounds oxymoronic, but that’s exactly what we’ve been doing with this series. Title: Age of Myth Series: Legends of the First Empire #1 Author: Michael J. Sullivan Publication Date: June 28 The journey of Royce and Hadrian through the Riyria Revelations series left me begging for more detail

Best Fantasy Book for June 2016

Mixed emotions this month: extreme excitement to see how the story ends, mixed with extreme sadness that the story is ending! Title: The Wheel of Osheim Series: The Red Queen’s War #3 Author: Mark Lawrence Publication Date: June 7 Fantasy fiction is often panned for the prevalence of cliched heroes, but if there exists another

Best Fantasy Book for May 2016

May brings the sequel to our favorite new grimdark revenge fantasy series! A Blade of Black Steel Author: Alex Marshall Release Date: May 24, 2016 Series: The Crimson Empire Trilogy #2 First Book: A Crown for Cold Silver The Crimson Empire feels (in the best ways) like Joe Abercrombie’s First Law Series mixed with Mark Lawrence’s Broken