Poll: The Best Fantasy Characters of All Time




Original Story:

Vote ImageThere have been so many amazing fantasy fiction characters over the years……but which ones are the absolute best?  Let your voice be heard and Vote!

Some Groundrules…

  1. The Poll will allow voters to choose up to 3 of their favorite characters
  2. Manual entry of new characters is now closed.  Over 350 Characters were submitted by fans to develop this poll, but to make the list more usable we trimmed it down to the top 225 who were receiving the most votes.
  3. This Poll was created for primary, POV characters only!  Yes, there are tons of amazing villains out there, but for this Poll we focused on the main protagonists.

The Best Characters in Fantasy Fiction Books




Thanks for voting!  Check back soon for updated results!  If there are any other polls you’d like to see let us know using the Contact page.


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  1. chris

    I voted for Elric and Geralt. Could u make em separate? Its unbelievable that there was no entry for Elric…or even Conan now that i think about it

  2. Amoron

    A Few additions:
    Tavi (Codex Alera)
    Royce Melborn (Riyria revelations)
    Cithrin bel Sarcour and/or Geder Palliako (Dagger and the Coin)

  3. Jackson

    I’m adding Gerald Tarrant from the Coldfire Trilogy. To me, he’s a main protagonist. If you disagree feel free to remove him.

  4. Ann Knowles

    Guys come on now, not only have you listed The Fool at least twice (three if you include “Fool” nestled between The Fool’s two entries, but that is NOT how you spell Locke Lamora!!!

  5. Good catch Ann! We are trying to clean-up duplicates (and correct people’s spelling) as quickly as we can!

  6. Rod

    You have every character in GoT, but are missing some of the most iconic? Fritz Leiber is rolling in his grave.

  7. Rod, if you’d like to enter one of the greats from Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser (for example) please do by using the “Other” box at the bottom and they will be immediately added to the list for voting! In fact, almost all of the names on the list were entered by visitors!

  8. Tim Butler

    How could you have Felix Jeager and not Gotrek Gurnisson both of the Felix and Gotrek warhammer series!

  9. Mia

    I think this is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life. Sad Kaylin Neya (From Chronicles of Elantra) isn’t here, though I don’t think I could handle having more to choose from.

  10. Zac

    Looks to me like a lot of people need to read the Acts of Caine.

  11. Brock Marie

    May I ask why my vote for Monzcarro (“Monza”) Murcatto was removed? She’s the main protagonist in Joe Abercrombie’s “Best Served Cold,” one of the novels set in the world of the First Law. It might be that I would have been the only vote for her, but she is absolutely one of my favorite (3rd person limited) POV characters. 🙂 Perhaps it is an unspoken rule that the character must star in multiple novels in a series?

  12. She’s in there with your vote as “Monza Murcatto” — frankly we thought she’d have more votes, smashed hand and all!

  13. THAT many choices and you only allow 3?! Cruelty in it’s purest form. And then I love so many of them but so many of my favorite books aren’t there. At least Shannara is there!

  14. Jesus Barraza

    wow only 3 is tough considering you listed so many good series

  15. Jamie Wurdinger

    Love so many of these character. This was difficult.

  16. Kara

    No “other” section is showing up on my Kindle. I wanted to add Sandtiger “Tiger” from Jennifer Roberson’s Sword series.

  17. Humeangel

    There is no “other” section, and I would like to add characters from both the Narnia series and the Chronicles of Prydain.

  18. Humeangel (and Kara): due to the amazing input from fans our poll had grown to over 350 characters (way too long), so we closed the submission option for new names, but Taran and Eilonwy are both on the list!

  19. Z

    Wow…so many to pick from yet several solid characters missed. Where are the characters from the Chronicles Of Elantra? (Kaylin/Sanabalis/Nightshade/The Arkon/Marcus?) Or characters from the Sun Sword Series and the House War series? (Jewel/Avandar/Lord Islandar/Kiriel)

  20. Adrienne

    If the poll is strictly protagonists, then how did Melisande Shahrizai (Kushiel’s Legacy) make the cut? She is a blatant antagonist, despite what she may believe about her own motives, and regardless of aiding Imriel de la Courcel in ONE book.

  21. Amy

    Cmon guys; with a list over 200; we get to pick only 3? Ten might have been a better gauge; i’ve resorted to less popular characters because I dont want the more well known ones to overwhelm.

  22. David Y

    So disappointed that none of Jennifer Fallon’s great protagonists made it into the final 225 and that I can’t add them now :-\ Still, even among the characters that there, it’s not an easy choice!

  23. Fred

    Drizzt, Harry Dresden, Aragorn, although had Raven from The Black Company novels been a choice, he’d be in there too.

    Honorable mentions to: Corwin (Amber), Elric, Allanon, Pug

  24. Keri H.

    Hey, I’m surprised you didn’t have Anita Blake on here. That character, even though she has gone more into dark erotic in the last half of the series, sparked my interest in Urban Fantasy.

  25. Jean

    Lessa doesn’t belong on this poll. She’s a sci-fi character, not fantasy. The books at first appear to be fantasy, but reveal (quickly!) that the people are colonists from another world and the dragons are genetically engineered. That information is actually part of the introduction page of Dragonflight (which most readers skip). The whole point of the series is that history can be lost and origins relegated to myth and legends, and the effort to relearn the science they need.

  26. Jean

    Not just Lessa. ALL of the dragonrider characters should be removed. Dragonflight won the Hugo and Nebula awards, and McCaffrey was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, which described the Pern series as “science fiction, though tinged with the tone and instruments of fantasy.”

  27. Sarah Spall

    Tough choice to pick only three, too many great characters

  28. Jared

    Have to add Atticus O’Sullivan (aka. Siodhachan O Suileabhain) from the Iron Druid Chronicles. Have to.

  29. Mick Markley

    difficult to choose only three. I feel as if I’m doing so many of the characters in fantasy a disservice!

  30. Darren madeiros

    Very surprised that Fizzban was not listed! Man this was tough… My personal choices were Allanon, Drizzt, and Tasslehoff Burrfoot! Not fair to pick only 3..

  31. ssedai

    Lan Mandragoran, Nyneave al’Meara, and Matrim Cauthon.

    Egwene al’Vere is my number one least favorite protagonist EVER and I have no idea how she made this list. If you were going to list the Amyrlin of the White Tower, you needed to list the Tamyrlin of the Black Tower, Logain Ablar.

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