Use HQ Power Search to find a Great New Book
The HQ Power Search™(at the top of the right sidebar!) was designed to help you find the perfect new fantasy novel by searching only in specific sub-genres you enjoy.  We’ve put it in the sidebar of every page so it will always be within easy reach.  By consolidating thousands of fan votes, we’ve ensured that only the top fantasy books are included in your search results.

Complete the HQ Power Search form with the following three criteria:

GOneenre: There are many genres and sub-genres of Fantasy, but every fantasy book can be placed in one of two primary areas: High Fantasy, or Low Fantasy.  Even within these two a gray area exists, but in general terms:

  • High Fantasy (HF):  describes works that place a heavy focus on complex systems of magic with well-defined “rules”, and/or books with fantastical, imaginary settings.  HF is frequently associated with “Epic” fantasy, though both HF and LF have works in and out of the Epic category (more on “Epic” below).
  • Low Fantasy (LF):  typically grounded in more of a “real world” setting, be that past, present, or future.  LF may contain many magical elements, but they act more as pieces of the adventure vs. taking on lives of their own as they sometimes do in HF.

Key Point:  HF and LF do not imply “smart” and “dumb”, respectively,  They are simply a measure of the Fantasy component.


TwoTarget Audience: defines the demographic for which the books were written


  • Young Adult (YA):  Developed for teen readers.
  • Broad Appeal:  Designed for adult readers.  May have some intense content.
  • Mature:  For adults only.  Typically include very graphic violence, strong sexual content, or disturbing themes.


ThreeCategories (multi-select): These are primary components and elements which more specifically describe the type of story being told.  Because most books contain more than one Category you can make multiple selections.  Your results will include every top book containing at least one of your selected Categories, so to narrow your search we recommend choosing only 1-3 Categories

  • Crossover: Involve characters interacting in both an Earth-like world and an alternate world.
  • Coming of Age: Begin with a primary character as a child and follows their journey to maturity.
  • Dark: Includes a “Horror” genre component, typically vampires, zombies, werewolves, etc.
  • Epic: Revolves around a grand quest covering a large number of characters, places, and events.
  • Heroic: The journey of a “normal” character on a path to true greatness.
  • Literary: Contains deeper, underlying literary themes or mechanisms.
  • Military: Follows the lives of soldiers.  Normally also includes detailed, tactical battles.
  • Revenge: Plotting, planning, and (possibly) getting revenge.
  • Sci Fi: Includes some degree of Science Fiction.
  • Sword and Sorcery: The forces of “good” and “evil” collide.  Typically has a significant magical presence and a powerful, evil arch-enemy.


Step 2: Review the Results to Find the Best Match for Your Tastes

For each of the books that matched your criteria, we’ll provide you with lots of details, including:

– The Publisher’s Summary to give you a feel for the storyline

– A Sample Chapter to get a taste of the author’s style

– Our thoughts and comments (yes, we’ve read them all…we don’t get out much).

Knight Horse and Book

Step 3: Choose a Book, Enjoy, and Repeat!

Never buy a Fantasy Book your don’t like again!  After you’ve finished your first book, come back and search again.  We’re committed to keeping our database populated with the absolute Best Fantasy Books and Series, which means we not only add new books, but also remove series from our recommended lists if they take a turn for the worse with later books.